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Pay As You Go - Outdoor session

  • 45 minutes
  • 60 British pounds
  • Location 1

Cancellation Policy

Once booked your session is confirmed and no refunds will be given. The session is automatically deducted from your package. This is to ensure that slots are not block booked restricting other client’s options. You may reschedule 48 hours before the session if there is availability to do so, you can do this through the booking system yourself, please do not ask us to do this for you. If you will not be attending, you must let the trainer know in advance of the session either by phone or text message. To minimise lost sessions please only book when you are certain you can attend. Please do not attend your session if you are contagious with a cold or illness if you have been in proximity with anyone with Covid symptoms or have symptoms yourself. If you are unable to train due to Covid, please do not reschedule until you have tested negative on two consecutive days using a lateral flow test or you have tested negative using a PCR test. Please see below for full terms and conditions: Punctuality: Please aim to arrive in good time for the start of your session. Persistently arriving late for a session can disrupt the session plan and flow of your training. You will not be given additional time for the minutes you miss. Holidays: Extra time has been added to each package to allow for work and social commitments, sickness, and holidays for both client and trainer. A good working Relationship: To achieve a good working relationship, we have four main areas that create a positive space for both the trainer to teach and the client to learn. These are knowledge, application, fitness, and attitude. Knowledge refers to the relevant curriculum/techniques & theory of exercise. For the client to move forward with their training, they will need to demonstrate their acquisition of knowledge. Application refers to the client’s ability to apply techniques they’ve learnt under various degrees of pressure and rapidity. Fitness is a key element that we want to see improve on your journey. We identify any weaknesses such as lack of cardio, flexibility or agility for example and work to improve these were needed. Attitude refers to a client’s character. This will be assessed by gauging reactions to exercises that may be set in session. We constantly assess this and will not promote or train a client who we believe is lacking in good attitude, camaraderie or who attempts to dictate the course of the session or it’s exercises. Code of Conduct: Aggressive, abusive, or anti-social behaviour is not tolerated from clients at any time, whether toward staff, other clients, or members of the public. Attendance: Any client who hurts themselves in a session or feels unwell must tell their personal trainer immediately. If a client has injured themselves outside of training, you must make your personal trainer aware of this at least 24 hours before the booked session so that adjustments to your session can be made. Please make your personal trainer aware of any change to your health or medical fitness. If you have any of the symptoms of Coronavirus or do not feel well, please do not attend the session. No refund will be given for missed sessions due to illness or injury. Trainer Availability: We work 12 months of the year but there will be, on occasion, times when we will not be available. If a day or week is blocked off, it is unavailable, and you will not be able to train during that period. Please wait for the next slots to become available and do not contact your trainer. Any scheduled time off that is more than a day will be added to your package. During your sessions, photographs and / or video will be taken for training and assessment purposes. These files may also be used as (but is not limited to), images for fundraising, publicity, or other purposes to help achieve the company’s aims. The Outdoor PT retains ownership of all files and maintains the right to use them in their printed and online publicity, social media and press releases for The Outdoor PT or any future offshoots of the company. Expiry dates: Please do not ask for an extension on your expiry date, each client is accountable for managing their bookings within the given time frame. Privacy: Please be reassured that we will not release your information to other organisations unless in exceptional cases when we are required to do so by law, for example, by a court order or for the purposes of prevention of fraud or other crime. In all other instances we would only share your information with another party if you have given your explicit permission to do so.

Contact Details

  • The Outdoor PT, East London and surrounding areas, London, UK

    07387 302172

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