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Updated: Mar 4

If you read last weeks blog on getting more flexible but still feel a little unsure where to start.

I am trying to encourage flexibility training so how about starting with two stretches. Inspired by my recent read of Eiko's "Even the stiffest people can do the splits," I wanted to see how far I was off the Butterfly Splits, in the book this is described as:

"spread your legs wide, while keeping your knees straight, lean your upper body forward and touch the floor with both elbows and you've done the splits."

There is also a progression where you have your chest and arms are flat on the ground and your legs completely straight in a side split position. This is what I am aiming to achieve in the next four weeks.

Although I'd love to accept that I can do the splits, I can see that my back is still very arched and am not satisfied, so I am challenging myself to combine my own favourite stretches with those from Eiko's book. All clients of Becks A.C.E. Fitness will receive a Stretches PDF to refer to during their program to help become more limber.

The next stretch is a wall stretch as you can see you bring your legs up to a wall and spread them out to the sides with your glutes as close to the wall as you can get them, hold the pose for 30 seconds aiming to get your legs lower to the ground every time you practise this stretch. Two simple exercises to stretch the hip flexors and help with flexibility especially if you're aiming to do side splits. Don't forget to warm up first or else you might injure yourself.

I will keep you posted on how I get on! Find the time and join me- I would love to see how you progress.

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