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Teacher, mentor, leader, psychologist and strategist; the role of a personal trainer is a diverse and rewarding career. Why I became a personal trainer is a question I get asked frequently and one I will start to answer in this week’s blog post:

I made the decision to become a personal trainer in August 2017. My desire to change career had been kick started a year earlier, after the breakdown of a romantic relationship. My mindset completely shifted and I wanted to rewrite everything. I had formerly worked as an artist with a good run of success and exhibitions but it had become monotonous and overnight I had thrown 7 years of work in the bin.

To start with I made a lengthy pro and con lists. After various jobs in sales, catering and the arts I needed a career which made a real difference in people’s lives. This was the most important requirement I wanted to fulfil. I also wanted to live a healthy life and do something that held me accountable; to be a positive role model. My time as an artist also made me realise how I liked to be in control of my time and priorities and in addition to some pretty lousy managers that I’d worked under, this made another of my priorities to be my own boss.

I identified about 4 different careers that I could see myself doing and which ticked most of the boxes on my pro list and the fewest on my cons list. I left my sales job to focus entirely on making an informed decision, the process took about 4 months. Taking this time off wasn’t easy but I found that the day to day distractions of work in a place that I was no longer happy at and the long hours the job required meant that being able to think clearly about what my next step was too difficult and this time I wanted to make a more permanent decision.

At the time I also had a really supportive PT at Gymbox; Sabrina. Like many of my clients, initially, I wasn’t sure how having a PT could benefit my already hefty routine of spin, weight training, swimming and a weekly drill evening at the HAC (an army reserves training ground) which was an outdoor PT session. However, Sabrina allowed me to visualise myself as a personal trainer and this gave me insight into a job I'd never have considered. Despite this, I can be quite bloody minded when I want to be and at the time, I’d have preferred to be a security guard than a personal trainer.

Photo taken by Sabrina Schuller: Personal Training session Gymbox 2017

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